Finale of IPMM SCUP AP!

If you’ve been listening along, make sure to check out “Dust“, the final episode of I Podcast Magic Missile’s excellent actual play of SCUP!  Squirrelfriend Jenn Martin makes a special appearance as well.  Many thanks again to Dana and the crew of IPMM for playing SCUP and sharing their story with the internets!

your friends,
The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree

Greenlight Playtest on July 30th!

Chicagoland gamers!  We will be conducting a playtest of our card-based party game, Greenlight, at Chicagoland Games: the Dice Dojo on Wednesday, July 30th starting at 7pm.  It’s a fun game that gives folks the opportunity to pitch original reboots of pop culture properties.  If you’ve ever wanted to tell people about your gritty, buddy cop version of the Golden Girls, this is the game for you.  Reserve your spot in the playtest by shooting us an email at

your friends,
The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree

More SCUP Actual Play from IPMM!


Additional episodes of the most excellent actual play of SCUP are available from our friends at I Podcast Magic Missile!

“Raw Ambition”
“As good as it’s going to get”
“Reaping Day”
“Storm Rising”

“Strange Liaisons” (penultimate episode!)

We’d like to thank Dana and the rest of the crew for featuring us on the podcast and really getting into the game.

Todd and Tom are hard at work finishing up the final draft of SCUP for publication, but if your game group would like to take the beta test version for a whirl, email us at to get a copy while they’re still available.

your friends,
The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree