Time Cellist PDF is available for Kickstarter backers!

If you are one of our super awesome Kickstarter backers that picked a reward including the PDF version of the Time Cellist game book, please make sure to check your update emails from Kickstarter for the link to download this file!  The PDF is 100% ready and available for those folks and we are currently working on getting the print copies ordered and sent this week.  For those that backed at higher levels, please make sure to fill out your backer survey so we can mail your stuff off as soon as it is ready.

For folks that weren’t part of our Kickstarter but are interested in grabbing a copy of Time Cellist for yourselves – as soon as all activity books have been sent/shipped to our backers (who have been super patient with our process, and we thank them for that), we will have PDF and print on demand options available for you.  Make sure to join us on Facebook or Google+ to keep in the loop with our production schedule.

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