Greenlight at B-Fest!


Wheel Tree Press is delighted to be an official sponsor of B-Fest 2016! ¬†Eric and Megan can’t wait to see everyone and enjoy 24 hours filled with the “finest” b-movies! We also can’t wait to give away some copies of Greenlight! You’ve got THREE chances to win:

1. We’ll have a copy of the game in the annual B-Fest raffle, so hold on to your ticket!

2. We’ll be challenging everyone at the festival to play a round of Greenlight! Pitch us your best idea for a reboot of a handful of movies pulled from the annuls of B-Fest history – the rules and instructions on how to enter will be posted at the official B-Fest table just outside the auditorium. Entries will be accepted through noon on Saturday, and we’ll announce the winner during the intro to our festival selection, Kansas City Bomber!

3. We’ll be releasing a special “Golden Ticket” paper plate flying saucer during the midnight showing of Plan 9 From Outer Space. If you find this special saucer, you can turn it in to Eric or Megan and claim your copy of Greenlight!

See you all on Friday!