Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table

Wheel Tree Press is proud to present Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table, a series of workshops to help roleplaying gamers take their tabletop experience to the next level!  Each session combines an intensive workshop of improv techniques used by actors on stage with a practical example of play at the gaming table.  Our instructors not only have extensive performance and teaching backgrounds, but also well-established nerd credentials. Expand your roleplaying horizons with skills to create kickass characters, establish meaningful relationships and develop stories that sing.  Great for both GMs and players!

The workshop takes place at the new Strawdog Theatre space (1802 W. Berenice Ave).  Lunch will be provided for all participants.

Saturday, June 10th 10am – 2pm
Instructor:  Pixy Belmont-Leo

In this skills based workshop, participants learn a variety of techniques to quickly and effectively support and elevate choices made by other players at the table as well as making and using relationships to spur storytelling and problem solving in game. Participants will be encouraged to take action – just do it, don’t talk about it!

About Pixy Belmont-Leo
Pixy Belmont-Leo has been both and improvisor and a gamer since her own awkward adolescence.  With training from both Second City and ComedySportz, Pixy specializes in making improv easy, accessible and fun, using games and exercises that set up the players for easy success while teaching specific skills in a stress-free environment.  As a gamer Pixy is a renegade and a rogue, delighting in departing from the quest to see what’s off the beaten path.  She often rolls up tiny, nimble characters whom invariably get drunk, mouth off to an ogre, and get squashed before they can reach level 10.

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