Wheel Tree Press is an independent publisher of roleplaying and card games founded by Todd Nicholas, Megan Pedersen and Scott Underwood. Our current titles include Time Cellist, Greenlight, SCUP, and Sparkle, Baby! with several other games in development.


Todd Nicholas is a cool dude that likes playing games, taking pictures with cats, metal and the Jank Cast. His games include Time Cellist and the Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power (SCUP).




Megan Pedersen is a Chicago based performer, podcaster and game designer.  She currently serves as one of the core hosts of the Jank Cast, a podcast focused on topics in gaming, RPG actual plays and interviews with industry leaders.  Her games include Time Cellist, Greenlight, and Sparkle Baby!



Scott Underwood is a cool dude that likes playing games, hanging out in Shanghai, the Tennessee Vols and the Jank Cast.  He helps bring fun English language games to China via Creative Tree and fun Chinese language games to the United States via Wheel Tree.  So many trees.

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