Todd Nicholas on Backstory

Todd sat down to talk about many things with Alex Roberts including podcasting, gaming communities and SCUP on the latest episode of Backstory from the One Shot Network.  Check it out!

Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table

Wheel Tree Press is proud to present Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table, a series of workshops to help roleplaying gamers take their tabletop experience to the next level!  Each session combines an intensive workshop of improv techniques used by actors on stage with a practical example of play at the gaming table.  Our instructors not only have extensive performance and teaching backgrounds, but also well-established nerd credentials. Expand your roleplaying horizons with skills to create kickass characters, establish meaningful relationships and develop stories that sing.  Great for both GMs and players!

The workshop takes place at the new Strawdog Theatre space (1802 W. Berenice Ave).  Lunch will be provided for all participants.

Saturday, June 10th 10am – 2pm
Instructor:  Pixy Belmont-Leo

In this skills based workshop, participants learn a variety of techniques to quickly and effectively support and elevate choices made by other players at the table as well as making and using relationships to spur storytelling and problem solving in game. Participants will be encouraged to take action – just do it, don’t talk about it!

About Pixy Belmont-Leo
Pixy Belmont-Leo has been both and improvisor and a gamer since her own awkward adolescence.  With training from both Second City and ComedySportz, Pixy specializes in making improv easy, accessible and fun, using games and exercises that set up the players for easy success while teaching specific skills in a stress-free environment.  As a gamer Pixy is a renegade and a rogue, delighting in departing from the quest to see what’s off the beaten path.  She often rolls up tiny, nimble characters whom invariably get drunk, mouth off to an ogre, and get squashed before they can reach level 10.

New Stretch Goal Unlocked!

We’ve hit our next Kickstarter stretch goal and are excited to announce that Eric Simon and Julia Bond Ellingboe will be writing primers for people interested in playing SCUP in non-Western European settings!  We are thrilled to be working with both of them on additional materials for the book.

By popular demand, we have added a retailer tier for the US and Canada. If you are or know someone who works for a brick and mortar game store, we’ve got you covered!

Lastly, Todd has been hitting the podcast and blog circuit to talk about SCUP and game design in general.  Check out the interviews:
Todd on The Gauntlet
Five or So Questions with Todd Nicholas on SCUP
Misdirected Mark – The Lounge: Todd Nicholas on SCUP

Keep an eye out for our next stretch goal – the announcement will happen tonight!

The Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power

The Kickstarter for the Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power has launched!  In just two days, we’ve not only funded the project, but are well on our way to unlocking the first three stretch goals.  Todd and Tom will be making some podcast appearances in the coming weeks to talk about the project and more.  To check out the Kickstarter, as well as preview materials from the game, visit the official project page on the Kickstarter site.

Greenlight at B-Fest!


Wheel Tree Press is delighted to be an official sponsor of B-Fest 2016!  Eric and Megan can’t wait to see everyone and enjoy 24 hours filled with the “finest” b-movies! We also can’t wait to give away some copies of Greenlight! You’ve got THREE chances to win:

1. We’ll have a copy of the game in the annual B-Fest raffle, so hold on to your ticket!

2. We’ll be challenging everyone at the festival to play a round of Greenlight! Pitch us your best idea for a reboot of a handful of movies pulled from the annuls of B-Fest history – the rules and instructions on how to enter will be posted at the official B-Fest table just outside the auditorium. Entries will be accepted through noon on Saturday, and we’ll announce the winner during the intro to our festival selection, Kansas City Bomber!

3. We’ll be releasing a special “Golden Ticket” paper plate flying saucer during the midnight showing of Plan 9 From Outer Space. If you find this special saucer, you can turn it in to Eric or Megan and claim your copy of Greenlight!

See you all on Friday!

Greenlight now on sale!

We are proud to announce that Greenlight, our new card based party game, is available via as a print on demand game!  Greenlight is a game that pits you against your friends to come up with the best reboots and re-imaginings of your favorite movies and TV shows.  Put together the best pitch and see if you can score the favor of the Studio Boss to get your idea the “greenlight” to be produced for the masses!

The deck can be ordered via our online publisher page at DTC – we do recommend that you add one of the large plastic deck boxes to go with your Greenlight game. The large size will hold the 124 cards that come with the base game. A link to the box is included in the game description.

Make sure to follow us on social media for more exciting Greenlight news, booster pack info and the launch of our YouTube channel where you can send us and share your best movie pitches!