Time Cellist PDF is available for Kickstarter backers!

If you are one of our super awesome Kickstarter backers that picked a reward including the PDF version of the Time Cellist game book, please make sure to check your update emails from Kickstarter for the link to download this file!  The PDF is 100% ready and available for those folks and we are currently working on getting the print copies ordered and sent this week.  For those that backed at higher levels, please make sure to fill out your backer survey so we can mail your stuff off as soon as it is ready.

For folks that weren’t part of our Kickstarter but are interested in grabbing a copy of Time Cellist for yourselves – as soon as all activity books have been sent/shipped to our backers (who have been super patient with our process, and we thank them for that), we will have PDF and print on demand options available for you.  Make sure to join us on Facebook or Google+ to keep in the loop with our production schedule.

The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree

Break a Leg featured on the Tilt Podcast

Megan’s theatrical Fiasco playset, Break a Leg, was recently featured on the Tilt Podcast, an excellent show that has actors, improvisers and comedians playing various Fiasco playsets for the entertainment of the internet masses.

Check it out online in two parts:

Oh Requiem! – Part One

Oh Requiem! – Part Two

Fully funded!

Time Cellist is fully funded as of this evening! We’re super excited to have the project backed by so many lovely people and can’t wait to get the finished product in your hands.

But we still have a few weeks left on our Kickstarter…. and that means stretch goals. We’ve updated the project page with them and we’re hoping that we can continue to make the activity booklet even better with additional funds.

Your Friends,
The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree

Time Cellist is a Kickstarter Pickstarter!

We were delighted to find out that the hosts of the Roll for Crit Podcast selected Time Cellist as one of this week’s Kickstarter Pickstarters! Thanks, guys!

As of this post, we’re just under $500 away from successfully backing the project. We’d like to thank everyone so far that has backed the project and helped us get the word out so far. It’s very exciting to think that we’ll be able to share our silly game with so many people!

Do you have a podcast or blog? We’d love to talk to you about Time Cellist and game design topics in general. Shoot us an email at wheeltreepress AT gmail.com!

Your Friends,
The Squirrels at the Wheel Tree

Time Cellist Kickstarter is go!

The Kickstarter for Time Cellist, a game designed by Wheel Tree founders Todd Nicholas and Megan Pedersen, has just gone live!

We’re raising funds to create a really cool finished product and the money will be mostly used to pay our collaborators on the game book.

Kyle Bice is a Chicago based freelance artist, specializing in illustration and fine art.  A 2002 graduate of the American Academy of Art with a BFA in painting, Kyle has done artwork for Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics and recently designed a series of original label artwork for New Holland Brewing.  He is the lead artist for The Monster Weekly, a blog that promotes childhood literacy, and is the author and illustrator of A Book of Dwarves, which he self-published via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012.  Kyle will be creating original artwork for Time Cellist which includes a full color cover illustration for the book, along with several pen and ink illustrations for the interior.

Our layout expert is Nathan D. Paoletta, an independent graphic designer, game designer, small press publisher and narrative design consultant.  While many people are familiar with Nathan’s original games, like Annalise, Vesna Thaw and the newly backed World Wide Wrestling, he has also worked behind the scenes on layout design for games like Ron Edwards’ Circle of Hands and the Sorcerer Upgrade, Elizabeth Sampat’s It’s Complicated and Russell Collins’ Tears of a Machine.  Nathan will be helping us create the overall look of our Time Cellist activity booklet and character sheets.

Finally, we’re also working with author PK Sullivan, known for his work with Margaret Weis Productions on the Firefly RPG, to create some unique historical primers for different time periods as a supplement to the book.

Todd and I are very excited to launch this project – please take a moment to check it out! Every dollar counts. If you’re able to help us out, even with $1, it gets us a little closer to our overall goal. If you aren’t able to back us financially, please consider giving this project a signal boost on your own social media pages.

Many thanks! May your time stream be free of dinosaurs (unless that’s your jam, and then may T-Rexs fall from the skies)!

Your Friends,

Todd & Megan
The Squirrels at Wheel Tree Press