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Time Cellist is a tabletop RPG where you and your friends team up to stop an evil super villain from taking over the world!

Let your inner history buff run wild as you pick the setting where the forces of good and evil square off in their epic battle! Feudal Japan, Victorian England, Ancient Egypt, or America in the 1980s…whatever you like! Players take on the role of a plucky group of kids saving the world from the Maestro of Maliciousness, a time traveling super villain bent on taking over the time stream. But the kids don’t have to take on The Maestro by themselves. They’ll be aided in their quest by Time Cellist, a cello-wielding hero, traveling through time making sure The Maestro’s plans are foiled.

The game’s set-up and mechanics are designed to emulate the frenetic, ensemble cast feel of movies like the Goonies or E.T., or TV shows like Young Justice or Doctor Who. You and your friends are creating a heroic story about how saving the world just so happens to bring your gang closer together and helps you to overcome obstacles as a group. As a touch of nostalgia and a nod to the halcyon days of our youth, we’ve integrated a variety of kids games to build your setting and resolve conflicts. You’ll use Mad Libs, rock paper scissors, slapjack, and a cootie catcher to help create your story as you try and foil The Maestro’s plan without screwing up history too much. You should probably brace yourself for a few dinosaurs running around the French Revolution or an airplane landing in the Wild West… all part of a day’s work for Time Cellist.

Time Cellist is a game for all ages!  While it’s great for adult gaming groups, it’s also perfect for kids to play.  Parents and teachers can even sneak a little history lesson into the fun!

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